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How It Works

We offer multiple plans that include account growth services, and even full account management!  

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    The first step in our process is a consultation to figure out your goals, and the best ways to achieve them quickly. Increasing your Instagram presence means nothing unless your target audience is actually engaged with your content. That’s why we take the time to understand your audience and goals to create a customized strategy.

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    The second step in our process is developing a refined targeting plan. We collect data on similar accounts in your niche, competitor accounts, and your followers accounts to identify your ideal audience. Then we target them through personalized engagement to get them to follow you back, and engage with your content. 

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    You should start seeing noticeable growth in a week, (depending on the size of your account). The growth you receive is 100% real, active followers. We don't engage with fake/sketchy accounts, and we NEVER buy followers like some of our competitors. As your audience increases you can expect to see more profile views, likes, comments, link clicks etc.

Your account security is our top priority.

We pride ourselves in never using 3rd party software or bots when growing your account. This helps keep your account safe and secure, and makes us compliant with Instagram TOS. Unlike some of our competitors, you can be sure your account is safe with us!


Benefits - Why Use Fix My Social?

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About Fix My Social


For years large companies have experienced extraordinary growth on Instagram with huge budgets averaging $4000-$7000 a month. Leaving small businesses in the dust in terms of growth and engagement, with no hope of ever catching up. Our team saw this imbalance and created a solution to help balance the Instagram playing field. We call it Fix My Social; an Instagram growth and management service for small businesses, influencers, and anyone who wants to grow their account! We only use legitimate tactics (no bots, scripts, software automation or 3rd parties) unlike most of our MUCH more expensive competitors.

By using these bots, most accounts were suspended or shadowbanned, and the accounts are cluttered with irrelevant photos and the bots even liked some embarrassing photos. For your accounts sake, don't use services that use bots! 

Who We've Worked With

Here's a few of our happy customers who have given us their honest opinion about Fix My Social. (We've covered their account info per their request).

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"When I started using Fix My Social I already had a bit of a large following. (around 50k I think). But they really helped me take my Instagram game to a new level! Within a few weeks my account was exploding with growth, and as of writing this review I have over 250k followers. I recommend Fix My Social to anyone trying to up their Instagram game, no matter their account size!" - Courtney

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"I've been on Instagram for close to 4 years now and experienced pretty normal growth up until around 6 months ago. Suddenly, my account growth slowed dramatically and on some days I wouldn't gain a single follower. I did some research and found Fix My Social. Reluctantly, I signed up for the supreme plan (go big or go home am I right?) and started to see results the same week! I can't even imagine not using them at this point!" - Bryce

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"I've only been using Fix My Social for 3 weeks, but so far it's been a great experience. My account is growing faster than ever and their service is a lot cheaper than the growth service I used before." - Autumn

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